We are thrilled and proud to announce that bébémarc has been honored with the prestigious iF Design Award for our innovative Breastpump Set. This recognition fills our hearts with pride and gratitude as we reflect on the design ethos that guided us throughout this remarkable journey.

Our design philosophy centered around several key ideas that we believe are essential for a sustainable and compatible breastfeeding experience. We aimed to provide a solution that minimizes waste, offers worry-free usability through ergonomic design, facilitates easier breast pumping, and adapts to the changing needs of babies at different milestones.

The bébémarc breastpump set embodies these ideals in its form and meticulous details. The angled bottle, crafted with soft and user-friendly silicone, delivers an exceptional experience in various usage scenarios. Its contemporary frozen finishing, complemented by a warm and clean color palette, reflects our commitment to a modern and aesthetically pleasing design.

We paid careful attention to every aspect, including the volumetric markings positioned on the back of the bottle in an upside-down manner. This thoughtful feature allows moms to read the remaining milk without having to unlatch the bottle from their babies, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted feeding experience.

Moreover, we wanted to extend the product's life cycle and offer added value to parents. By incorporating changeable functional parts, the bébémarc breastpump set becomes a sustainable solution that caters to the needs of moms and babies at different milestones and scenarios. In addition to the silicone breast pump, angled feeding bottle, feeding nipple, and storage cap included in the set, we offer various interchangeable parts that can be purchased separately as babies grow.

Our brand slogan, "Embrace your feeding journey," encapsulates our commitment to supporting parents every step of the way. Sustainability is at the core of our design process, and the multiple functions of our silicone angled feeding bottle series cater to a baby's different milestones. The compatibility of the parts minimizes waste, as one bottle fulfills the purpose of breast pumping, feeding, storage, and even accommodating feeding solids.

By offering an easy and accessible solution to express and feed breast milk anytime, anywhere, we aim to encourage moms to prolong their feeding journey.