Meet the Animals


Marcus the Lion cub lives with his pride in the Karoo Dens. His father is the leader of the Great Karoo Pride and the King of the Karoo Desert. Marcus hopes to grow up to be just like his father. He is seen as the leader of the group and named the group his Little Karoo Pride, or the Little Karoos. Marcus is always working on his roar. He hopes that one day his roar will be as intimidating and commanding as his father’s.


Pokey the Piglet lives in Mr. Farmer’s red barn in the Karoo Desert. She enjoys spending her time eating and sleeping in the mud. Mr. Farmer loves Pokey very much and often spoils her with lots of delicious food. When Pokey is not sleeping or eating, she joins the Little Karoos for an adventure but she always insists on being home in time for dinner.


Lucas the Hippo lives in water with his family and he is the brightest of the Little Karoos. He likes to hide in water and spy on what everyone’s doing. He can be very naughty and mischievous at times but he is usually nice to all his friends… unless he’s playing a prank. He has chubby cheeks and is picky about his food. But if you give him a slice of watermelon, he will be happy for the whole day. He always makes sure to bring ALL his energy to play with the Little Karoos!


Lola the Giraffe wanders the Karoo desert with her family and she is the shortest one in her tower of giraffes. She is the eldest of the Little Karoos, but doubts her own abilities. She is often fearful and nervous, and will run and hide in the face of danger. Although she is very afraid, she often joins the Little Karoos on their adventures because she hopes to become more courageous despite her height and size.


Willo the Whale is the youngest of her pod and of the Little Karoos. She is adventurous and often wanders away from her pod to visit Marcus and the Little Karoos. She will often mimic the actions of the Little Karoos as she dreams of being able to walk on land and join the Little Karoos on all their adventures.


Ollie the Elephant is the only calf in his elephant herd. He is very quiet and enjoys basking in the sun and bathing in the mud. One morning, as he was sleeping in the shade, a bird mistook him for a rock and landed on his back for a rest. Ollie and Pipit the oxpecker became good friends from that day on. Ollie is not exactly the brightest of the bunch, so Pipit does most of the thinking and talking for him.